Saturday, June 4, 2011

We have a problem...

Well actually we have a few problems.  Our first problem...we don't have a clue how to actually sit in front of the camera (without bursting into fits of laughter)!  We've been talking about going out to take a few head-shots of ourselves for our website but after seeing a blog post by another photographer, decided to take it a little further.  We realized we needed to experience what you go through as clients. From being posed in funny positions that you can only dream look incredibly awkward (but really look great through a lens), and having a huge lens stuck in your face.  Oh and let's not even get started on the finding clothes to wear for a shoot part...that could be classified as problem #2.
Part of the reason for this day out was also so we could try out a new lens and location.  Which brings me to our third problem....WE ARE IN LOVE WITH THIS LENS!  It wouldn't be such a problem if it went on sale...for about 90% off.  We are equally in love with the location and look forward to taking clients there!
The last problem, is that I'm (Jen) writing this post without Sonja knowing.  So, I guess it's not a problem...yet.  If she hates all the photos I chose of her...then, we have a problem folks.  Especially since it is her birthday today!  Would you join me in sending her a few birthday greetings?!?!  Let me tell you she is an incredible friend, mother and a wonderful business partner.  And her knitting skills, that's for a whole other post :)
Okay, so here it goes.

Problemo numero cinco. I just discovered where all my new wrinkles are coming from!  Guess I'm going to have to figure out how to shoot with my left eye open :)  
Hope you enjoyed our little adventure.  We sure did.


  1. Two beautiful women, inside and out! You capture each others beauty so well...behind the lens and in life in general!

  2. Gorgeous Pics...and incredibly gifted photographers!

  3. Great pictures! You two do a wonderful job. I really enjoy seeing your work. Kudos!