Monday, June 27, 2011

Sharing the spotlight.

We've been bad about blogging our sessions lately, not for lack of work...for the lack of a break from shooting.  That's the part that we really love and it is wonderful to be out there capturing some great families. This week is going to be boot-camp for our cameras!
First up...the "T,D,F" family.  Father's day weekend we had a great shoot with this "X chromosome" heavy family (there is another little lady on her way in few months to add to this sweet bunch of girls). 
 This photo of the 3 girls together was of their own doing :)  They lined up the chairs (with a little help from the dad's) for themselves and created their own photo.  Scroll down to see behind the scenes of this set up...I think it's comical :)

Next up....the "V" family and cute little 1 year old "S".  He was full of smiles for his session and boy was he a fast crawler.  Watch out once this one gets the hang of walking!  This is on of our favorite  locations and they even added some fun paper lanterns in the alley way.  Kind of felt like we were in another part of the world. 

 Seriously sweet!  Happy birthday little man :)


  1. That alley/street looks like a place straight from Europe! Where is this? I need a Europe-like fix.:)

  2. Loring Park area near the Lurcat Cafe. Great area!