Monday, November 30, 2009

Can you say "Chilly noses"!

Grandma booked this session for these fun families-what a great gift! We headed out Friday morning for a fun, very quick session. It was the quickest session I think we've ever done. The cold wind hurried us right along but we still got some great shots. The kids were amazingly cooperative, especially since our noses were running and the wind was quite chilly...the adults were pretty good too :) Hopefully Grandma likes these photos of all her great kids!! We had a great time.
P.S. A note to the doler-outer (if I'm allowed to make up my own words) of eyelashes...girls should get first dibs. "E" had the most spectacular eyes and lashes ever!
~Jen & Sonja

Friday, November 27, 2009

"R" you smiling?

The "R" family can't help but make you smile! Even with the blustery, cool day we had there were still smiles from everyone! Thanks "R" family for being so accomodating and smiling even when your faces were frozen :) Hope you enjoy your preview. There are lots more to come!
-Sonja and Jen

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cousinly love

How about these adorable cousins?? You might recognize them if you look back to two previous posts. We had a fun day with them trying to capture that perfect Christmas photo. As it goes with babies...we got them looking adorable, just rarely at the camera at the same time. Those feet and new shiny shoes were just too darn fascinating :) There were so many great shots of these was hard to pick favorites!
Enjoy & happy Thanksgiving.
Sonja & Jen

Photos definitely can tell a's one for you.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"E" is for Energetic!

Get 4 kids ages 4-9, a dog that loves the water, and 2 wonderful parents together for a photo and you are bound to have an energetic afternoon! And boy did we! :) We had the privilege of taking photos of the "E" family and it was nothing less than described...ENERGETIC! But that just made our jobs all the more fun to do! We hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Thank you again for all you do for our families! We feel truly blessed by yours!
-Sonja and Jen

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Watch out....

Watch out....
We might steal your darling children...or at least squeeze their cheeks. Or "M's" thighs. I can't get over how cute "M" is! Her brother "B" was absolutely adorable and so easy to photograph. Those eyes just sparkle. Can you say...future heartbreaker! Thanks for a great photosession. You'll be seeing more of these cuties very soon, along with their equally adorable cousins.
Jen & Sonja