Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taking our blog hostage for selfish purposes...

So I love to show off my kids...that's no secret! Josiah was taking a great nap so Andrew and I ran outside for some fresh air. It felt wonderful and I can't believe what few months does for a toddler's coordination. He's no Joe Mauer, but he can certainly hit the ball 100% further than he could in the fall. He had his 2nd birthday recently, along with the age 2 comes many things :)

70% of the time Andrew looks like this.....

The remainder of the the time...he looks a little more like this....

Oh, the emotions of a 2 year old! I can sympathize with him though, this is about what I looked like when I was pregnant :)

I can't bring myself to cut his curls's a little long and I'm risking it turning into a full fledged mullet, but this is still quite possibly my favorite view of him.

And here is our adorable neighbor friend. I couldn't resist snapping a few of him while we were out playing, he's just so stinking cute!

Thanks for letting me show off a little! Your turn Sonja...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"E" is Three!

If anyone ever said 3-year olds didn't have very much energy, then they haven't met "E"! Actually, I don't know anyone that would say that, but "E" just had an extra dose this day because it was his 3rd birthday! What fun we had chasing him and playing games with him to get him to sit and smile for us! And when he did, his smile was worth it! It just lit up the room. Thanks for letting us be part of your birthday fun, "E"! Hope you had a GREAT day!
-Sonja and Jen

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Could these eyes can any bluer??

Remember this cutie? She was just 2 weeks old when we first got to shoot Sweet Baby "D" and now she's 3 months old already! And I must say she just gets cuter and cuter and her eyes have just gotten bluer and bluer! This wasn't her most smiley of days, but I don't think that matters...she's just as cute as can be! Happy 3-month birthday Miss D :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3-month beauty...

It is so fun to have repeat customers because we get to see the kids grow and change too! Miss "L" was only 5 days old the last time we took her pictures and now she is 3 months! The time has gone so fast, but she sure turned into a cutie! Thanks for being so fun to photograph, "L". We can't wait to see you at your 6-month photoshoot!
Sonja and Jen