Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Photo Mini-Session Day - Schedule

As of now, this is what the schedule looks like!  Let us know what time slot you would like and we will get you on the schedule!

9:00 - BOOKED

9:30 - BOOKED

10:00 - BOOKED

10:30 - BOOKED

11:00 - BOOKED

11:30 - BOOKED

2:00 - BOOKED

2:30 - BOOKED

3:00 - BOOKED

3:30 - BOOKED

4:00 - BOOKED

4:30 -BOOKED

5:00 - BOOKED

Sunday, August 29, 2010


A little impromptu session with my adorable nephew this afternoon.  Really, I think you can literally use anything as a background!  The sidewalk outside the restaurant today served well for his 8 month photos.  Good to see you today little one...Love, Auntie Jen :)
Every session needs a good melt-down photo :)  Wouldn't be complete without it! 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!

This little one marks a big milestone for us!  She was our very first client when we started J|S Photography and we photographed her 1-year portraits!  Now, it's a year later and her 2-year portraits :)  We were so glad to see that the silly faces were still in full effect! :)  Man, how the time has flown by!  Thanks for another great session miss "S"!  We look forward to seeing you next year!
-Sonja and Jen

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"K" family seriously gorgeous is this family? My great friend, also the kids' Auntie K, helped them out with styling their wardrobes...I think we may have to consider hiring her out for styling advice. She put together some GREAT looks for them. But it's hard to not look good when your kids are this cute! The girls are beautiful-enough said. "C" humored me and gave me some great smiles but really inside he wasn't having it. Seriously though, what 5th grade boy loves to have their picture taken? He must really love his mom, or be seriously afraid of her. I'm guessing the former knowing "B", she's not very scary ;)
Thanks for such a fun session "K" family.  I enjoyed spending the morning with you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's that time of year!

With it being the end of August and school just around the corner, we know how busy life can get!  So, we figured we better get our Fall Photo Mini-Session day out to all of our faithful followers!  Spread the word to your friends and family...October 9th will be the perfect opportunity to get your Christmas picture done and get that updated family portrait you've been wanting for your walls!  We had so much fun last year with our mini-session families that we absolutely had to do it again!  Call or email with any questions!  Thanks!  And hope to see you this fall!
-Jen and Sonja

Thursday, August 19, 2010


We had a wonderful evening session with this great family.  Every time we've photographed at this location it has been SO HOT!!!  Thankfully the relentless heat seems to have passed over MN (well actually I'm finding myself wishing and hoping and praying for one more good scorcher to head down to the beach, but that's beside the point), and we had the perfect weather for this little cutie's session. 
Enjoy your sneak peek K family!
Jen & Sonja

Monday, August 16, 2010


We can hardly believe it has been 1 year since we officially started J|S Photography.  We are so thankful for all the great kids and families we've had the chance to work with over the past year.  This business venture has been even more exciting than we could have planned.  We look forward to working with many of you again in this next year.  Please feel free to pass this offer along to family and friends! We'll update this post once the 5 lucky recipients are booked :)
Thanks again for helping us have a fantastic first year!

Sonja & Jen

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Remember this little one?  So much changes in 6 months, and this little sweetie is just so adorable.  Those cheeks are so squeezable and that smile just puts a smile on your face.  We have loved watching you grow miss "E"!  Can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring! 

And of course we can't leave out big sister "G" and mom and dad too :) 
Thanks for letting us capture these moments for you!
-Sonja and Jen

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A new love...

This is my newest "love".  Treated myself to a new product only for the sake of sharing it with you all!  Of course it was completely self-less (only the best for you all) and I would never indulge in printing off gorgeous pictures of my little boys for my own satisfaction.  Anyway, enough about me...take a look at these gorgeous float wraps!! 
Float wraps are a creative way to display your photos, no framing needed.  I literally took them out of the box and hung them with a thumb-tack (no measuring either...I'm just not that kind of gal :).  They are so lightweight and classy I can hardly stand it!   Your print is wrapped around a padded board and fitted with a mounting block so it seems to float off of your wall for added dimension and interest.   
They come in so many interesting sizes to create a gallery in virtually any space you have in your home (I did an 8x12 and 12x12). You know that odd wall that nothing fits on...these would be a great addition to that space. Seriously, you have to get yourself a few, you won't regret it!
Happy creating!

Monday, August 9, 2010

sweet "p"

Ah, the joy of shooting a newborn...there's just something about a new life and capturing so many of those first moments on camera, and little miss "p" sure was sweet.  Even though we had a few funny moments with the no diaper shots, we managed to laugh it off and get these great shots!  Congrats "A&R" on your new addition.  She's a doll!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

A day on the farm...

Well for being about 100 degrees and feeling like a sauna outside, we were still able to capture these adorable images of these kids.  "A" is my beautiful, mom-to-be (again), dear friend from college with her cutie pie son "S" who is very excited to meet his new sister in a few months.  And his cousins, "E" and "S" were such great models...we give the bluest eyes award to "S"...they were just amazing!  thanks for letting us come out to the 'farm' to capture these for you!  We hope you enjoy your sneak peek!
-Sonja and Jen

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cute, cute...

How cute are these little girls?!?!  It's not often you get a 1 month old baby to sleep soundly and let you position them how ever you please. She did this almost the entire session-must have been the fact that it felt like 100+ degrees that day.  All I wanted to do was sleep too :)  But honestly, this was such an amazing session with a wonderful family at an amazingly beautiful property.  So many more fun images, I wish I could show them all to you.
Thanks K family!
Sonja & Jen

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The "G" Kids

"G" just celebrated his big 3rd birthday earlier this summer, so there's no better excuse to get updated pics than that!  And when you have a back yard that looks like this, it made for some beautiful shots...or at least I thought so anyway :)  And we couldn't leave little miss "C" out, so we got some of her too...hard not to look cute with that little sprout of blonde hair!  Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!  Thanks for letting us capture this fun time!
-Sonja and Jen

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"M" family...

This great family was in town for a quick visit before heading back to the east coast and Daddy heading over-seas for another deployment.  Such an honor that they asked to have their family photos done while they were here.  As it usually goes with 1 year olds, they'd rather be exploring and looking anywhere but at a silly lady with a camera.  "A" was no exception but in the end, I'd rather capture them doing what they love doing anyway.  Nothing like a good challenge.  Okay, a challenge with a little bribery thrown in.  2 bags of fruit-snacks were my assistant for the day :)  Big brother "L" was all smiles and excited to reach each new destination.
Thanks "M" family for a fun session and hurry home M!!!