Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A very special little man...

It was a true honor for me to be able to go and photograph this little guy.  If you remember from this post, Caffrey was born with a 'special heart' that has needed a little extra attention since he's been born.  He spent several weeks in the hospital after having open heart surgery, and will have some more surgeries in his future.  But the day I got to meet him, he was the sweetest, happiest little guy.  And for him to just keep sleeping after putting him in a box at 3 months old, tells you what an angel he is :)  Thanks for allowing us to come and capture Mr. was truly our pleasure!  We will keep him in our prayers as he continues to grow!
-Sonja & Jen

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All together...

Since this family only gets to be all together once, maybe twice a year, it was only fitting that we document the one time they are all together this year!  I have known this family for...let's see...about 20 years now!  You've seen some of them on our blog several times before, so it was so fun to get to capture their precious family time that they so look forward to.  Hope you enjoy your little glimpse :)

Monday, August 22, 2011


This little man is welcomed by his 3 older brothers and boy did they love him.  Especially brother #3...if he wasn't touching little "n", then life was just not ok :)  It was so fun to watch these boys interact and to see how much they loved their newest brother!  Thanks for letting us capture this sweet time in your family, "M&B" and it was so nice to see you again, "M".  Your boys are so great :)  
-Sonja & Jen

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hopefully they've learned to share by now...

Get ready for some serious Senior goodness.  They have to share this blog posting but I'm hoping they'll be okay with it.  We've had some amazing sessions the past week or so, and just love the uniqueness of all the seniors we've had the opportunity to photograph.  We've done everything from being serenaded while we were photographing, tromping through open mosquito-infested fields to get that perfect shot, and exploring Minneapolis alleyways and scenery.  


Exploring new areas is always fun, so when this senior wanted a waterfall as part of her photos, there really was only one place to go!  We headed down to Minnehaha Falls and it was just the perfect night for her session.  The weather was great, the sunset was even better, and the pictures were wonderful!  Thanks for letting us capture this exciting time for you, "K"!  Hopefully this little peek is worth the wait! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fall Mini Sessions are coming soon!!

With the weather feeling cooler today, we thought it would be a great day to send out our information regarding out Fall Mini-Sessions for this year!  We are so excited to be doing these again as it is a fun day for us (and hopefully for you too!).  We get a chance to meet so many great families, enjoy the beautiful (hopefully!) fall weather, and help you get those updated photos you've been telling yourself you would do for the last 5 years :)  So, mark your calendars for Saturday, October 8th!  We are also going to be at a different location this year and are so excited about it!  We will be at a private residence in Rogers that has so much to offer...barns, vineyards, open fields, fall colors and so much more!

Spots fill up fast and are filled on a first come, first serve basis, so reserve your spot today!  Your spot is secured when your payment is received.  See below for more details...we'd love to have you join us this year!
-Jen & Sonja

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"O" baby

This little lady was 5 weeks old when we took her pictures (which in the newborn photography world is ancient!), but you would have never known because she was just a sleepy dream :)  Once she started waking up, we ventured outside to do some with her cutie brother, and she was right back to sleep.  I'm sure the 95 degrees and 100% humidity might have had something to do with it!  Thanks for the fun session and letting me capture these for you! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sunset beauty...

Well if there is one positive thing to this hot, sunny weather is that we have been getting lovely sunsets for so many of our sessions lately!  "C" is just about to start her senior year and is such a beauty both inside and out.  She had this vision of being in a field for her pictures...combine that with my vision of throwing a random big chair in the middle of an open field and both of us got just what we wanted (minus the 10,000 mosquito bites along the way)!  Nothing says you live in MN like having mosquito bites on your arms in your senior pictures :)  (don't worry...we'll fix any we see!) :)  Thanks again, "C" for making it such a fun session for me and letting us capture this fun, exciting time in your life!  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catching up...

I'm doing a little catching up this afternoon for as long as nap time will allow. This session was from a few weeks back but hey...we LOVE to share all of our beautiful clients with you, so thought it would be worth a quick posting.  This little man could arrive any day and he's got a lot of love coming his way.  He will be the 4th boy, grandchild to "J"s parents!  What rowdy Christmas gatherings they will have!!
Congrats J&J and good luck in these next few weeks and with your delivery!
Thanks again! ~Jen


A "hot" maternity session

Had a great maternity session with this beautiful couple and "hot" (in 2 ways) mommy.  We picked one of the hottest and most humid nights possible for our evening session.  But, by the initial sweep through the images I think it was well worth it!!    It's so fun to see a couple so in love and so joyfully expectant for their first little son!  He's going to enter into a house full of love. Thanks for a great session you two.
Thanks ~Jen