Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Think Spring!!!!

We recently purchased some new designs for our 3x3 Accordian books, Baby Announcements, and Christmas cards.  We couldn't be more pleased with how gorgeous they are and we are so excited to offer them to you!  A set of 3x3 Accordian books are available for purchase and can also be earned with 3 new client referrals.  These are wonderful gifts for Grandma's and MOTHER'S DAY.  Since you get 3, why not keep one for your purse too??  Don't be shy ladies, send your husband this link as a hint and we'll take care of making sure you get yours :)
Each accordian book comes in a slip cover for safe keeping in your purse (or "murse"...excuse me I meant briefcase...we don't judge).  You can also display it on your refrigerator with the embedded magnet in the cover (which also holds it closed)!!
Here are some of the designs you can choose from for your sessions images!

PS. We wish we could say we captured all these gorgeous photos in the samples, but we didn't :(
Come cute are these?
Okay, now for the baby announcements....
Since it is seems that Spring is certainly upon us...we aren't going to bother filling your heads with thoughts of Christmas and the next snow.  Just be assured that we have gorgeous Christmas cards to offer you this year.  Start planning your fall family photo session early.  Just a heads up we will be offering our Fall Mini-sessions again this year.  We'll get all the info out later in the summer.  Be sure to follow our blog to get in on a great deal.  Sessions fill fast!!

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