Monday, March 21, 2011


Maybe you are thinking my math is a little off...well not if you just added twin boys to your family.  20 more toes and 20 more fingers to love (and manicure) and probably 40 times the work :) Seriously these boys couldn't have been any more perfect for their photo debut.  They slept like angels, barely dirtied a blanket, and were just sweet and "edible" as Sonja put it at one point.  I think we could have stayed all day and cuddled them.   
Congrats on your beautiful little boys "B" and "H".  They are absolutely perfect in every way!  Well done. Thanks for allowing us to capture their first portraits!
Sonja & Jen


  1. I was totally stalking your blog for these shots and they were TOTALLY worth it!!! Love love love the twins and they are EDIBLE for sure. WOW!

  2. wow...these are....breathtaking!

  3. Wow, great pictures of those precious twins!