Thursday, September 1, 2011

Some serious sweetness

Meet little "T".  She was an absolute dream to photograph.  So content, slept through the entire first part of her session, only dirtied one of my blankets...she saved most of the mess for her Daddy's lap :)  We've so enjoyed getting to know her parent's throughout their life journey together.  We were able to photograph their engagement, wedding reception, pregnancy and now this wonderful little gift!  
Congrats E &T!  It was a pleasure meeting your new little princess, can't wait to watch her grow up. 

 My husband was watching me while editing this photo and thought it looked like I "tied her up in a knot".  I think it is amazing how flexible they are and to get a glimpse of what she looked like all tucked up before she was born.

Love how absolutely tiny she is in her Daddy's arms!

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