Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Big Give....

We've been talking about doing a little contest giveaway for sometime now.  What better time than the present.   And with all this cold and wet Minnesota weather we are having, who couldn't use a little pick me up.  The 3 cups of coffee this morning had nothing on day 4 or 5 of dreary weather (apparently I need a cup should see the grammar & spelling errors I've had to correct so far)!
Anyhow, back to the reason for this posting.  We are offering a few goodies this week for you lovely readers and friends.  There will be 2 ways to be declared a "winner".  
The first, we will do a simple drawing among all our  official blog followers. If you aren't a regular "follower" already, you can simply become one by clicking on FOLLOW at the very bottom of this page.  Bata-bing-bata-boom...that's all folks and you're entered! Another way to get your name added multiple times in the drawing is send your family and friends by our blog and  have them (comment on this post ) that it was you that sent them over.  You'll get your name added another time for each follower you send!

The 2nd way to enter for the really big giveaway is a little more least in our opinion :)
We are looking for a family who is deserving of a free session, the rights to all their images, and perhaps another goodie or two.  What we need from you is to submit a story via our email, of a family that you think would be deserving of this gift.  The definition of "deserving" is truly up to you.  We don't want to limit it to any one thing in specific.  We will present finalists to you for voting after the submission period ends.  We want your help picking the lucky family, plus it's fun to share inspiring stories!!  We will collect submissions until next Saturday, the 21st.  This family needs to live in MN, or be traveling here at some point and be available for a session. We'd love to travel but I don't think our "business managers", aka husbands, would approve :(

What's a post without pictures?  Not a very good one in our mind.  So we'll leave you with this sneek peek of a fun farm session from Tuesday (the last recollection of sun that I have).  Luckily we finished up right before the tornado sirens started going off.  Although...thinking about it more, that sky would have been pretty crazy to have as a backdrop!! I digress.
If you've followed our blog for a while, you've likely seen this great pair multiple times before.  "A" was our very first maternity and milestone client so "L" has been well photographed from the womb until now.  Can't wait for little brother to arrive in a few weeks and introduce you to him.  He's bound to be one cute little guy!

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