Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet Kenley Joy

This little lady is one of my dear friends’ daughter.  You have seen her before in these family pics, and the reason for this blog post is 2-fold…one, we did her 1-year pictures (she’ll be 1 next week!) and every client of ours gets a little sneak peek, so this is hers!  Two, this sweetie has been through quite a journey in her first year of life and that journey isn’t over quite yet.  On May 23rd, Kenley will have surgery to remove her tumor.  As that date is less than a month away I’d ask that you look at her sweet face and pray for her…pray for her strength…pray for the doctors that have cared and will care for her…pray for her mommy and daddy...pray for her big brother.  I feel blessed because I have gotten to see Kenley grow and develop over this past year, and to see where she is now…truly is inspiring!  Being able to capture these images for them is something I will remember forever.  You are loved, Kenley Joy…by so many!  

 And we couldn't get by without getting some of big brother "e" in the pictures.  He loves his sister so much...
 What a stud :)
so sweet... 

If you'd like to read about and continue following Kenley's journey, click here to follow her CaringBridge site.

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  1. Sonja these pictures brought tears to my eyes! Kenley is so adorably sweet and SO beautiful! Shelly I have prayed for you and your sweet family and will continue to do so for Miss Kenley's upcoming surgery. Beautiful Photos!!