Monday, January 31, 2011

Call off the search parties!

Call off the search parties! We've been found again. Around the holidays we've made a commitment to take a break from "work" and spend as much time with our families as possible. We've also been doing a little dreaming and planning about what we want J|S Photography to look like in this next year. Now if we can just find the time to do all that we'd like...let's just say a 4, 2-3 year olds, a 1 year old and an ALMOST 1 year old keep us a little busy! Check back for a few photos of our little munchkins...we took a little "adventure" this morning with them. But now we are back to shooting and are continuing the winter (and it definitely was winterish today) season with a beautiful couple awaiting their first little one. Some of you MN folk, may have issue with a few of the photos below...but I had to include them for you "J" :)

Can't wait to meet her "R "and "J"!!  Enjoy these last months of this stage of your parenting journey and we'll see you sooner than you will believe.
Sonja & Jen

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