Sunday, September 26, 2010

A few of us...

I had this all ready to post a while ago and forgot about it completely.  Now it seems like old news but I'll share it anyhoo :)
Getting great family pictures is not something that comes naturally for us.  It takes a lot of bribing and promises of good things to come to get one of our family members to pose in front of a camera (I'll give you a hint...he's been potty trained for more than 6 months). Sonja managed to get a few great ones of all 4 of us and I'm pleased as punch!  Aside from Andrew's terrible hair cut (I'll give you one guess who took a scissors to his blonde locks one day and almost cried afterward) everything about them is perfect. Now to decide what to do with them...the fun part!!  I'm thinking, MORE float wraps!!

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