Monday, March 22, 2010

3...well technically 4 including the dog...and counting...

This "B" family is waiting for their newest member to arrive. They asked for some updated family photos and ones to include on their adoption profile. I'm honored that they chose us for this important task of showing off what a great home their newest family member will be joining!

They are such a fun family and "S" will make a fantastic BIG sister!

Love S's face looking at her silly Mom and Dad-too cute.
I'm kind of, sort of, way in like with some new Photoshop tricks to give photos a little more "artsy" feel. Hopefully you all will enjoy them too!

This was my favorite shot of the day because it was completely unplanned & undirected by me. "S" did it all on her own and I find it truly adorable. We just love to capture kids being themselves :)
Enjoy your sneak peak "B" family.

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