Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Precious "A"

I had to do this session solo for a great reason. Sonja had a baby girl on Thursday!! She was 9lbs 4 oz. Neither of us are used to holding babies as tiny as "A", a mere 6-7 lbs, because ours are born about 3lbs heavier than that. When I do get my hands on a tiny newborn, I just LOVE it! You might remember A's mom and dad from here. "L" was stunning while pregnant and now she's glowing with that new Mommy smile. Of course, in typical baby fashion, A is normally a good sleeper but didn't want to snooze much during her session. That's just fine because we got plenty of beautiful shots.

Oh, and I had to contain my excitement when I walked into their house and saw a beautiful fireplace mantle and perfect lighting for this shot I've been dying to try.

Good thing L & S were up to letting me try it out! Thanks for a great session and congrats on a beautiful new daughter!

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